Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Frostgrave Sigilist warband

Dear gentlemen,

Today I show you my first Frostgrave warband. It's a Sigilist, Master Aemon and his apprentice Samwell. They were supposed to look for Valyria but at the end they finished in Frostgrave. Maybe that's why they have never won any combat in the ruins of Feldstad. They are a little bit confused.

In any case they sailed from Westeros accompanied by Jon (the captain) and three explorers: Grenn, Pyp and Satin.

Sometimes also Ghost appears. Well anytime is summoned between combats.

 The miniatures are Games Workshop (LOTR range) and Reaper: Iltheus, young wizard (03212) and Dire wolves (02415)

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  1. Primer post en mil anys! T'han quedat molt bé però els meus elementalistes van fregar el terra amb ells