Monday, February 18, 2019

Frostgrave Soldiers

Dear gentlemen,

Today I show you my box of Frostgrave soldiers. 20 superb miniature with a lot of options and accessories. 

Apart from regular frostgrave games, they will appear in future oldhammer campaigns and are common types in our RPG campaigns. You know, the lantern and the rope are truly vintage dungeon crawlers...

I am completely in love with the Frostgrave miniatures and with that wonderful company which is North Star miniatures. I am the happy owner of several boxes from Frostgrave and Oathmark but today only the soldiers:

Infantrymen. Seriously, a common human can wield such a huge sword?



Men at arms


Trackers and a treasure hunter

Credits: The miniatures are those from the Frostgrave soldier’s box. The archers and the trackers have some metal parts sold by North Star to convert these soldiers into Sherwood outlaws. The transfers are from citadel's bretonnian range.
The tuffs on the bases is from The Army Painter (winter tuffs) and the snow is done according this tutorial.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Farm fields and other scenery

Today I post some scenery I've been building.
It will be used in a forthcoming Oldhammer mini-campaign I'm preparing called The growing of Golluth's Whaag!

First: Some farm fields. Great results with little work and resources. Just check the TerrainTutor videos for really easy and cool ideas.

Second: The stone walls from Warlord Games/Italeri. Really usefull for both historic and fantasy wargames.

An finally The Rough Inn from the Wrahammer Townscape buildings (nº15). I have the complete set in pdf and I'm slowlly working on all the buildings. Cool buildings for a vintage feel.

Sorry for the dark pictures but it was late at night and I didn' have a lot of time.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Frostgrave Sigilist warband

Dear gentlemen,

Today I show you my first Frostgrave warband. It's a Sigilist, Master Aemon and his apprentice Samwell. They were supposed to look for Valyria but at the end they finished in Frostgrave. Maybe that's why they have never won any combat in the ruins of Feldstad. They are a little bit confused.

In any case they sailed from Westeros accompanied by Jon (the captain) and three explorers: Grenn, Pyp and Satin.

Sometimes also Ghost appears. Well anytime is summoned between combats.

 The miniatures are Games Workshop (LOTR range) and Reaper: Iltheus, young wizard (03212) and Dire wolves (02415)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Small oldschool project on the horizon

Yesterday I received a parcel from Foundry. 

It contained these two beautiful packs:

Empirical Absolution and Liquidation Squat with some old arbites/Judge Dredd/Inquisitor models and a pack of two fishmen that were given to the people that went to an oldhammer tournament a couple of years ago.

You now, living in Spain with 3 kids aged (5,4 and 1) and a full time job it’s kind of difficult to convince your wife that you need to go to the UK for a miniature tournament and to your boss that UK is a really good place to have meetings. So I was a little bit frustrated because I knew that fishmen are a really "must have" for every Rogue Trader player. 

Thanks God, the people at Foundry are really helpful and they had some leftover/recast fishmen for me at 5€. The first step towards a new Inquisimunda/Rogue Trader project has begun.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mithril Miniatures dwarfs

I'm slowlly recovering my Mithril Miniatures. Back in the 90s, when I was a kid, those were my only miniatures. It was some kind of difficult without internet and with not a lot of Money to have a big amount of miniatures and variety. Still, líving in Barcelona was a good thing because it had a decent stock of RPG shops. Places like Gigamesh (that still exist today), "Central de jocs", "Los 5000 dedos del Dr. T" and of course "Juegos sin Fronteras" (the best shop I've ever seen) where places to spend your time and money friday afternoon after school. For me, Mithril were the best because they were really aligned with Tolkien's books, were great for my RPG sessions and the sculpts were really well proportionated. Mithril miniatures still exists today but unfortunatelly they are too much expensive for me. Here I show you my resurrected small Dwarf Army that has been stripped of paint and are waiting in the painting queue. They are eager to run to the Lonelly Mountain to help Thorin and co. And what can we say about the vignette of Dain and Azog the Goblin? It still makes me dream...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Male amazons for Mordheim / Lustria

A friend of mine have started a Mordheim Cities of Gold (aka Lustria) campaign. as I wanted a true lustrian feel and I don't really like the lizardmen, I decided to start an amazon warband. Well, tru oldschool amazons are difficult to find atreasonable prices and the newest are really ugly (those Blood bowl style you know). So I decide tobuy some Aztecs from eureka miniatures and a mayan anaconda leader for my snake priest. Eureka miniatures is an Australian company so p&p can be terrible. You know, Spain is more or less at the antipodes. But the are really fine chaps and they hada world wide post free offer for Christmas. Apart of the aztecs I bought some French revolution austrians and the superb XVIII century string quartet plus Der Alte Fritz playing the flute and a few more goodies. Well, I'll you show you my band composed of A snake priest, two eagle warriors, a jaguar warrior, two slingers, two bowmen and a warrior armed with a club. The picture are no so good because they were taken in the mists of the lustrian jungle (and in the middle of a fight) which was not so good for the amazons.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blessed ebay

Look what I found on ebay! A gentleman in Madrid was selling this superb mithril warband box. Now I'm the happy owner of 30 Mordor orcs in true oldschool style. The first miniatures I had were a couple of Minas Tirith soldier my grandfather bought me in a local hobby shop when I was 13 (and that was back in 1992). Since then, I have a decent collection of mithril miniatures that will appear in the future. The problem is that the style of the orcs is somewhat difficult to find in other companies so this box will be of great help in future Middle Earth wargames. I really like the style of this miniatures and I think that they have the authentic flavour of Tolkien's Middle Earth. I'm sorry but I don't like the movies nor the GW miniatures.