Tuesday, May 14, 2019

More buildings

Today a have a new batch of buildings from the superb Warhammer Townscape. My city is growing...

The store (7)

The shed (8)

The hovel (29)

The latrine (37) and the dog kennel (14)

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Rat King wants to steal the Easter Eggs! (A family holiday game)

Dear Gentlemen,

To celebrate Easter last weekend we played a family game involving some great miniatures and chocolate eggs...

The Plot:

It's Easter and all the kids in the small village get up early in the morning to look for their chocolate eggs. What they do not know is that just after the Easter bunnies came the Rat King and his minions: a dozen of rats and two terrible barrow rats.

Thanks God! (after all He has resurected) they got up just to see the terrible evil creatures entering the town so they got up their father and started a competition to save as much eggs as they could.


The players are my kids (aged 3,6 and 8 and "experienced" rpg players) and me. The rules used are Frostgrave (more or less) in a homemade easy variant for younger players. The treasure counters are now chocolate eggs. The evil creatures move following the sequence used in rangers of the Shadow deep.

At the end The rats got 5 eggs, my kids (4,3 and 3) and myself only 2.

The town comes from Citadel townscape and the miniatures are Reaper Bones (rats and Barrow rats), Reaper metal for the villagers (superb boxed set the village of Kullhaven) and Copplestone castings (The Rat King of limehouse). The tiny cat that appears in a miniature base comes from Eureka miniatures.

Friday, April 12, 2019

A group dwarfs travelling to the Ered Luin

Bifur, Bofur and Bombur have heart that the Durin's folk are preparing something to recover their past splendour. It also seems thar Tharkun himself can be involved.
With this idea in mind they have left their homes and their people to join the expedition. They are not part of Durin's tribe but nowadays there are not a lot of dwarves so are sure they will receive a warm welcome...

The miniatures are from Oathmark except for the horse which comes from Ral Partha Europe range.
Bombur is the metal tets dwarf used as a model and is huge (so Bombur is the option) the other two dwarves are plastic Oathmark infantry with no conversions at all. The only thing is the backpack in Bifur (that comes from the Frostgrave soldiers box) and the walking stick that is a cut down spear from the dwarf infantry box. 

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Citadel preslotta fighter

Dear all,

I was looking for a suitable miniature to defend a bridge in a future project and when I went to ebay I found this gem at a good price.

He is a fighter from C01 codes from 1983 and a great miniature that still can do a lot of harm in my wargames and rpg. I've named him Horatius Cocles because at the end he is going to guard a bridge.

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ral Partha Europe Townsfolk

I'm always looking for civilians to populate my RPGs, scenarios, battles... They are a nice addition to any scenario while can also be used as rabble troops.
This time I show you some civilians from RPE. This company has a huge amount of miniatures some of them with a true oldschool feel. The webshop is worth to visit and the prices are not bad.

All the codes come form the series: DSA The Dark Eye 28mm fantasy.

The Rural militia (codes 19302 and 19303)

The shepherd (code 18046 Tulamidian militia)

A wealthy merchant (code 16019)

And the picture of the group

Thanks for looking

Thursday, March 28, 2019

More Warhammer Townscape

I keep on building the complete blood on the streets set.

Today I show you:

The Large house (3)

The Low House (11)

The cottage (27)

The Toll Booth (17) and the Shack (6)

The Watchtower (21)

Easy to build and superb models.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Frostgrave Soldiers

Dear gentlemen,

Today I show you my box of Frostgrave soldiers. 20 superb miniature with a lot of options and accessories. 

Apart from regular frostgrave games, they will appear in future oldhammer campaigns and are common types in our RPG campaigns. You know, the lantern and the rope are truly vintage dungeon crawlers...

I am completely in love with the Frostgrave miniatures and with that wonderful company which is North Star miniatures. I am the happy owner of several boxes from Frostgrave and Oathmark but today only the soldiers:

Infantrymen. Seriously, a common human can wield such a huge sword?



Men at arms


Trackers and a treasure hunter

Credits: The miniatures are those from the Frostgrave soldier’s box. The archers and the trackers have some metal parts sold by North Star to convert these soldiers into Sherwood outlaws. The transfers are from citadel's bretonnian range.
The tuffs on the bases is from The Army Painter (winter tuffs) and the snow is done according this tutorial.