Monday, March 24, 2014

Male amazons for Mordheim / Lustria

A friend of mine have started a Mordheim Cities of Gold (aka Lustria) campaign. as I wanted a true lustrian feel and I don't really like the lizardmen, I decided to start an amazon warband. Well, tru oldschool amazons are difficult to find atreasonable prices and the newest are really ugly (those Blood bowl style you know). So I decide tobuy some Aztecs from eureka miniatures and a mayan anaconda leader for my snake priest. Eureka miniatures is an Australian company so p&p can be terrible. You know, Spain is more or less at the antipodes. But the are really fine chaps and they hada world wide post free offer for Christmas. Apart of the aztecs I bought some French revolution austrians and the superb XVIII century string quartet plus Der Alte Fritz playing the flute and a few more goodies. Well, I'll you show you my band composed of A snake priest, two eagle warriors, a jaguar warrior, two slingers, two bowmen and a warrior armed with a club. The picture are no so good because they were taken in the mists of the lustrian jungle (and in the middle of a fight) which was not so good for the amazons.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blessed ebay

Look what I found on ebay! A gentleman in Madrid was selling this superb mithril warband box. Now I'm the happy owner of 30 Mordor orcs in true oldschool style. The first miniatures I had were a couple of Minas Tirith soldier my grandfather bought me in a local hobby shop when I was 13 (and that was back in 1992). Since then, I have a decent collection of mithril miniatures that will appear in the future. The problem is that the style of the orcs is somewhat difficult to find in other companies so this box will be of great help in future Middle Earth wargames. I really like the style of this miniatures and I think that they have the authentic flavour of Tolkien's Middle Earth. I'm sorry but I don't like the movies nor the GW miniatures.