Friday, September 20, 2013

First contact with the natives of Atlantis XXIV

Our Lord Valeria, today 20th day of the 9th month of the Imperial Calendar year 40663 we have landed on the surface of Atlantis XXIV. The unit had just unloaded the cargo that our bio-scanner detected the presence of some sort of life form approaching from several directions. After visual contact it was determined that some sorts of natives were close upon us with hostile intentions. I ordered the men under my command in a defensive perimeter with suppression fire. The natives came under obvious belligerent intentions as they were armed with some primitive weapons. Hundreds of them appeared from the woods and attacked our position. Laser, heavy bolter and a lot of grenades killed a lot of them but every time more and more appeared. The natives eventually arrived at close combat distance but our frag armor protected from their blows. However, I can assure from my personal experience that they are hard fighters and we did not have casualties due to their improvised weapons. They seemed to have some kind of military organization as they attacked in groups of 9 specimens and furthermore, they showed some kind of psychic powers manifested only when they were grouped. The results of the action are 2 troopers contused and hundreds of natives killed of whom I’ll send a sample with the next transport with the “Faithfull Exploratio”. I’m waiting for the transports to begin with the exploration of the planet. Glory to Valeria! The Emperor Protects. href="">

Rogue Trader Imperial Army entourage.

Valeria Borodina has som Imperial Army troopers. They are survivors of the Kynblax Genocide and were organized and uniformed in the colours of Valeria: grey, black and red. They are led by Lt. Chapsky and are completely loyal to Valeria first, the loot and finally to the Imperium.

Atlantis XXIV (the beginning).

After several millennia of warp storm blocking the route to the Transultima Segmentum, with no apparent reason, the storm is stopping. In Galaspar, the capital world of this sometimes forgotten part of the Imperium, the Administratum is really busy. A “new world” has appeared. The world is believed to be Atlantis XXIV which was first reported 6000 years ago and then lost forever.
Now with a clear corridor through the storm, this world can be recovered for the Imperium. A lot of adventurers are heading to Galaspar as a bridgehead to Atlantis XXIV but Imperial laws are clear. The rights to exploration are for those who can claim a Rogue Trader Patent. Valeria Borodina is the heir of a Rogue Trader of Astronomican fame. Being the only Rogue Trader present, the Administratum granted her the rights of exploration and thus, with her crew and the “Faithfull Exploratio” she headed towards Atlantis XXIV.
On board scanners showed a lot of life forms on the surface but no metal structures or modern technology. The world was catalogued as feral world in virgin state. To prepare the path to an on land exploration, a squad of ex-imperial guards under the command of Lt. Chapsky was sent to the surface to begin the construction of a provisional encampment.