Friday, April 26, 2013

The beginning

Dear Gentlemen,

Welcome to my blog. After much time spent reding the superb work of other people. I've decided to start my old schhol fantasy and sci fi blog. I was born in 1980 and I started all this hobby with HeroQuest but my proper wargame was Warhammer 40K. You know, in Spain maybe things arrived later or I was too young to start with RT or whatever. Time later I had Necromunda and I think that is the game my brethren an I we've most enjoyed (and still enjoy). Now, I'm more into historical wargaming but you know, piles of miniatures waiting for a proper paintjob and the search for something new have moved me to start with this.

I would say thanks to all the people which is enjoying this oldhammer fever. They are my true source of inspiration. Their work can be seen in the blogroll to your right.

If you are into oldhammer/RT and you are not in the blogroll, or more important, if you happen to live in Barcelona or surroundings please introduce yourself and join the movement 

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