Friday, April 26, 2013

Creating a Slaanesh champion. In'Carnnall

I want to start a RoC campaign but since the main part of my fantasy minis are either Mithril Miniatures (remember those minis?) or Citadel Undead, I’ll need to start from scratch.
I’m sure that the following days I’ll start searching for “cool minis of the old days” on ebay and that I’m risking to spend a small fortune but you know, It’s a long time project and starting a warband is not so expensive as I’m planning only the champion and one roll on the retinue table. I’m planning a warband for each one of the chaos but I’ll start with the Master of Pleasure.
So, armed with my dice I started the career of a Champion of Slaanesh.
First throw, for the race (D100) à 28 Dark Elf.
Perfect! In my imagination, those are the true followers of Slaanesh. Not bloodthirsty barbarians, nor desperate people looking for survival but a culture improving its torture and killing methods just for fun. Matriarchal societies were men are either soldiers or slaves, al type of slaves including those that most prefer Slaanesh himself.
Then, throw for the characteristics (D100) à 18 Basic Dark Elf.
Well… it could be worse. I’m sure a basic human is worse than a basic elf.
My Champion is entitled to receive a Gift from his God, a Personal attribute and a Retinue.
So he gets the Gift of Slaanesh à WP (+1)
Personal attribute (D1000) à 283, Cowardice.
I think this D1000 table is one of the great things about RoC.  D1000 table is something… chaotic? In my champion’s case, being a coward means:
-          Cl (x1/2)
-          Successful Cl test to charge
-          Subject to fear of any attackers who outnumbers his unit or side
-          May not accept a challenge
He is the typical liar that prefers backstabbing than face to face fight. It goes according to its low fighting profile. I’m sure he was a politician, not a soldier.
Retinue (D6) à 4
1 group of followers (D100) à Beastmen (2D6) à 7 warriors
Not bad as Beastmen is a “must have” for a true chaos follower.
His stats modified:

His story so far
In’Carnnall was a member of a noble family in a Dark Elf colony settled in the north coast. Being not the heir of the family, he passed most of his time spending lots of gold in pleasures and intriguing in the government.  He had no military experience and never participated in punitive expeditions or slave hunting. He truly enjoyed staying at his clan dungeons overviewing the torture of slaves or even better, torturing other clan dark elves. Bad times came when the Matriarch of his clan lost influence in the Witch Council. He was accused of cowardice (in fact it was true) and so his family gave him as a slave to clean the family’s reputation.
Being handsome and of noble origin he was not destined to the mines or converted to food for cold ones but went into a matriarch harem.
Several months later, he had become the matriarch’s favorite and was allowed to live with her. After a night with his mistress, In’Carnnall heard the whisper of Slaanesh and as a revelation he decided to kill his mistress in the name of the god of pleasure. After her, it was the turn of his fellow slaves for he felt a lot of pleasure in killing them all in a blood orgy.
He escaped from his city to the chaos deserts. As another gift from his god a group of beastmen found him and reckoned his mark as a champion of Slaanesh.
The saga of In’Carnall and his warband, The Entropic Lust have begun.

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