Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mithril Miniatures dwarfs

I'm slowlly recovering my Mithril Miniatures. Back in the 90s, when I was a kid, those were my only miniatures. It was some kind of difficult without internet and with not a lot of Money to have a big amount of miniatures and variety. Still, líving in Barcelona was a good thing because it had a decent stock of RPG shops. Places like Gigamesh (that still exist today), "Central de jocs", "Los 5000 dedos del Dr. T" and of course "Juegos sin Fronteras" (the best shop I've ever seen) where places to spend your time and money friday afternoon after school. For me, Mithril were the best because they were really aligned with Tolkien's books, were great for my RPG sessions and the sculpts were really well proportionated. Mithril miniatures still exists today but unfortunatelly they are too much expensive for me. Here I show you my resurrected small Dwarf Army that has been stripped of paint and are waiting in the painting queue. They are eager to run to the Lonelly Mountain to help Thorin and co. And what can we say about the vignette of Dain and Azog the Goblin? It still makes me dream...

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